Press kit: Game sheet

Game name
Aurion Kajuta Gems Fighter
Game type
Match 4, fight, casual
Kiro'o Games
Kiro'o Games
Android, IOS (in progress)
French and English
Release date
01 July 2021
Number of players

The game's universe

In Game

The planet of Aurioma is about to be corrupted by the fragments of Kajuta Roho.

As a result of this threat, Enkwo and Ewineh must once again leave their city to gather all the Kajuta pieces and prevent the destruction of the global Aurion.

Help the King and Queen of Zama to recover all the Kajuta in order to restore the natural balance.

Features and Gameplay

  • Unlock powerful combos by assembling gems in groups of 4 or 5
  • Perfect your special skills and become the most powerful on the field
  • Unlock new terrains to explore and fight legendary Aurionic Bosses
  • Play as Ewineh or Enkwo to take advantage of their abilities and experience an action-packed adventure
  • Over 120 levels for intense fun!

A project that marks a turning point

  • Olivier Madiba

    Aurion KGF demonstrates Kiroo's greatest strength: Delivering quality while maintaining strategic diversification. Since the beginning of the year, our team has launched a restaurant (Kiroo Tchop), continued our Aurion comic, while working on our Rebuntu project with MINFI. All these steps will make us the digital brand of the African family.

    Olivier MADIBA
    CEO of Kiroo Games
  • Dominique Yakam

    Micropayment for the first time Cameroonians and other Africans will be able to pay for content in a game with their mobile money at a very low cost (100 CFA francs). It's a new era of Cameroonian video games that has just been launched.

    Dominique Yakan
    Creative Lead Designer of Kiroo Games
  • Eveline Honla

    Aurion KGF is the ULTIMATE game for "casual gamers". Every time you have a minute just play your Aurion KGF and you will not see the time pass.

    Eveline Honla
    Lead Marketing and Communication of Kiroo Games